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Our liquor store has some of the best wine selection in Cranbrook, including local wines grown and produced right here in BC.

Local BC Wines

If you’re looking to kick back, relax and sip on a glass of wine while proudly supporting your local economy, grab a bottle of locally grown and bottled BC wine! You can even find a super tasty bottle of Hillside wine, sold exclusively at Great Canadian Liquor Warehouse.

Organic Wine

Come in a pick up a bottle of our 100% organic wine made from grapes grown without the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Red Wine

A glass of red wine a day is exactly what the doctor ordered, right? Our Cranbrook wine store proudly carries a large selection of red wines sourced from all over the world. You’re guaranteed to find a bottle of red wine that’s just right for you.

White Wine

With our vast selection of white wines in stock you’re sure to find a bottle that’ll please your taste buds whether you’re drinking it with dinner, sipping on a glass after a hard day or drinking it with friends and family at a celebration, we have a bottle for you.

Rosé Wine

If a bottle of rosé wine is what you’re looking for, for that summer outing at the lake or a barbeque with friends, then you’re sure to be pleased with our tasty selection of rosés available.

Sparkling Wine

Whether you’re drinking it for a special occasion or not, sparkling wine is just simply meant to be enjoyed! We carry a great selection of sparkling wines, from affordable yet tasty sparkling wines to your more expensive yet delicious champagnes.

Our Guides

Want to learn more about wine, beer and spirits?
Our educational guides will have you sipping like an expert in no time.

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